remind me when i first got to uk - my passport and letter from accountant got me a library card, my passport, letter & library card got me a studio flat,my passport, letter, library card, & studio flat rental agreement got me power, my passport, letter, library card, studio flat & power account  got me my telephone account - 4 month latter i think i had all the proof people want to say i am me, and live at x place, but working that out in the first place was nuts, so find out what they want, then work out the best way to get there - passport is a good start for most things, even if not traveling





My late father used to bank with Nat West, and before that the National Provincial Bank which was amalgamated into NatWest in the late 60's.


When governments decided that they should be interfering in the ways and amounts of money that their citizens moved around, they introduced various regulations which were the pre-cursor of the current rules. I was with my father just after they were introduced one day when he went to the bank to cash a cheque (pre-ATM's being on every corner).




Hands over cheque.




"Thank you sir. Do you have ID?"


"I beg your pardon?"


"Do you have identification? We need to check that before we can cash the cheque."


{Splutters} "But you know perfectly well who I am. I have banked here for over 20 years! I play golf with the manager. This is ridiculous."


and so it went on!