Yes it appears the 90 day trial is for the employers benefit only and any employee on a 90 day trial still has to follow their contract regarding resignation. I think the law needs to be looked at and if 90 day trials are to stay make them fair to both sides. 


 An employee stuck in a horrible situation on a 90 day trial should be able to quit without repercussions of the employer withholding pay.



If you didn't think the terms of the contract they offered you were fair, why on earth did you sign it? Did you even consider asking them to amend that provision before you signed?


I always read contracts (employment or otherwise) before I sign, and have successfully sough amendments to employment contracts (permanent and fixed) before signing. As long as you aren't being silly about what you are asking for, most employers will be pretty reasonable as well in my experience.


If the contract is oppressive and they won't budge then it doesn't bode well for the ongoing employment relationship, and it's probably best to pass on signing.







I am asking on behalf, I am happy with my collective agreement as I'm part of a union.