Commerce commission should be shutdown. They are hopeless. 


The australian equivalent seems to do a slightly better job. 



I've historically described them as quite an inept organisation but as of recently they've (and I really need to include all of MBIE in this as well) have done a lot to change my view.


Their annoucement of credit card interchange rates is due in a few weeks, and assuming they follow through with the speculated cuts to match Australia it will be a significant reversal of the Commerce Commission legal action in 2000 that saw credit card surcharges become legal and interchange rates soar as a result.


The credit card companies truely did own the Commerce Commission in round one...


It would be very interesting to know whether some of this change is being driven by Dr Jill Walker who's from the ACCC and the current cross appointed member. She had a pretty hefty workload at the ACCC and acchieved a lot.