The person coming to NZ should do the right thing and respect our laws.



Yes, very simple. Laws have a reason. Imagine if there was no such thing as a parking ticket or a speed limit. Chaos





That's why everyone gets a speed ticket if doing 51 km/h in 50km area. The law is the law, can't have any common sense room for when to enforce. lol.


Plus when I brought cigs from Aussie, over 15 years ago, had to have the tax free ones in a bag and show Aussie customs  before boarding plane, so any in my pocket would've had Aussie tax paid on them, so not really a big money incentive to stuff ones pockets with multiple packets.




If pockets did have multiple packets, opened bottles then it's probably like doing 80km/h in 50 km/h zone. Imagine if there's no discretion and everything is black and white.