Harvey Normam... Looking for a new dishwasher, The website says "free removal" and "installation $49"... What they don't say is the delivery fee for "free removal" is $22 and the delivery fee plus installation comes to $132.


Bought from 100% Newbolds which, with delivery, installation and removal of the old one came down to $250 cheaper than Harvey Norman best price... Actually the total price at 100% Newbolds was $92 cheaper than the item price alone at Harvey Norman.



That's a breach of FTA. If removal is genuinely free, they cant advertise it as such and then say there's a hidden fee of $22, UNLESS you are outside the stated 30KM delivery radius. Given House of Freitas is only 12KM from Tory St... you have a real example of BAD WEBSITE! BAD WEBSITE!