Consumer have a significant role IMO, to keep NZ businesses and retailers honest, and making sure laws protect consumers. I am dealing with three different companies at the moment who have been giving me the run around, and IMO it has shown me how little consumer protection there really is. In order get something resolved if the retailer doesn't agree, it relies on going to the disputes tribunal,  which some retailers are possibly banking on the consumer not doing, based on the cost / time involved. Especially if the product isn't expensive. In part the problems maybe due to lack of staff and increased demand due to covid at the moment.




My family has recently subscribed to it, and the magazine is a good read. But one advantage they offer, is being able to call them over any consumer related concerns, and that opinion can also add strength to any consumer issue one may have with a company. So the subscription can easily pay for itself if it helps to clarify and resolve a consumer problem.