That aside, a more sensible stimulus was suggested in an article recently - moving GST to zero for a year or two. Everyone benefits, businesses get less red tape to deal with etc etc.



I guess that you would still want to charge GST on imported goods, so that the stimulus applies locally rather than disappearing overseas? In which case, it's essentially a tariff, which I'd guess would be counter to our trade agreements.


I'm not sure that reduction in red tape for businesses is a big deal... GST is something they know how to manage, and they'll need to keep the infrastructure in place for when it is reintroduced. I'm not an accountant or business manager, but have been treasurer of a GST-registered club. GST was a tedious but straightforward thing every 3 months. Whether it was zero or 15% wouldn't have changed anything about the way the club operated, and I expect it would be the same for a business.