I'd just sit tight and see what happens. It's not unusual for it to seem like it bounces between centres in the same city. USPS may end up just holding it until they can send it on--they held on a parcel of mine for around six months in 2020 for example before finally putting it on a plane to NZ!





Unfortunately, it was 'delivered' today with no sign on return to sender on the tracking. The return zip code is the same as the hostel my friend who shipped it is staying at and they don't even have a phone number to contact. 


I'm now trying to find someone in NY who can maybe go grab the parcel on my behalf and reship it. Sounding like I may have lost $1k.. hopefully USPS insurance covers it.


I've filed an insurance claim with USPS and a lost parcel equiry. 


The USPS site says that international priority mail *express* *is* shipping to NZ, just not the standard priority mail.... Not sure what to do here.... Can't even find a USPS number to talk to someone.