hodder: My 10 cents worth...I've used snapper a little since the beginning, and kept a watchful eye on the transaction lists as I didn't quite trust it. There was one charge which I queried, $5 to go from Newtown to the Stadium, which was the last stop - no way could it have been that much. The money was (eventually) refunded to my bank account.

My other problem is remembering to tag off, as it's annoying to pay way over the odds if you forget. Would probably be easier to remember if I was a more regular user.

My son  has used snapper more, but hates it. He is always getting caught in the mornings with not enough money on the snapper, and has to get off the bus and is late for work. I kept a watchful eye on his transaction list too, and it suddenly stopped recording any info in mid-november, until mid-feb. He was topping up his card at a couple of places on the terrace which never turned up on the transaction list, though his card seemed to work OK. However, it means the alerts are useless. I complained and all they could offer was that he take his card in there and they'd check it and replace it if it was faulty. He didn't want to give up his lunchtime to do that.

The next problem I have is the vista issues. I've loaded the software for the reader on quite a few xp pcs here at work, and a pc at home with no issues. Last night I spent a very frustrating evening trying to load it on a vista laptop,  having to click on "elevate" and then "allow" about 5-10 times for each screen before it would move me on. Once I eventually got it loaded, I tried to top up with my credit card, with the same issues. The first couple of times (afer all the elevate and allows each time) it said it hadn't topped up but that I could have another go without retyping my visa credentials. Finally it got there, told me it had topped up with $20. I then did a quick balance on the card and it said it had $40 on it. I won't be able to check my visa until the transaction comes through to see how much it did top up. Howver, unless there is a solution to the elevate/allow issue then it is way too painful to use the snapper feeder at home. It is not a case of clicking once or twice, it is multiple times each time you click next. This is totally unacceptable, so snapper CEO could we have your comments on this and can you please address the problem asap?

Sorry to hear that your experience has been poor with Snapper.
1. I agree with your comments on Vista - the process is unacceptable and we're working on resolving it as I type this
2. In terms of your son's experience, drop me a note direct (miki.szikszai@snapper.co.nz) and we'll find a way to put it right.
3. The user experience for bus use is an interesting one as we have to deal with a range of regular commuters and 'one-off' travellers. I am starting to commission some usability work which will help us get to the bottom of this