My CV is just the updated version of Studylink's standard template from when I was at uni. I like the look of it, very plain but concise.

However 5 (?) years ago WINZ decided my CV was in fact rubbish, as it wasn't selling myself or my skills, and they sent me to a professional CV writer.

When I got the new CV from them, it looked like it was made using a standard MS Word CV template.
They explained despite my education and previous job history, the easiest jobs to get are for vehicle drivers, and since I had 1,2,3,4,6,D,F,W,R,T,V,P + o/d load pilot, that the best thing to do was make page 1 a list of all my licence classes/endorsements and what they mean. They also embellished previous jobs using such classes/endorsements to the point I refused to use the CV as it was simply fraudulent.

So despite their expertise in CV writing, it looked good, sold my skills (even though fraudulently), but it was in fact dumbing my CV down so I would only ever likely get one type of job from it.