I have to admit, that Don't text and drive while listening to Queen one made me laugh.

But lets me honest here. That video is purely a hypothetical situation. If they wanted, they could constrew it into "Don't eat oranges and drive", because the juice could squirt into your eyes, temporarily effecting your vision, which causes you to swerve off the road, into another car, which flips over the side of the bridge you're on and into oncoming traffic on the motorway below, landing on an 18 wheeler which then looses control, tipping over and side swiping another 20 cars, and then the explosion of all the cars blowing up (just like in Hollywood) gets closer to another undercover truck carrying nuclear arms incogneto, while the driver is out getting a burrito. The explosion sets off the warhead, blasting away everything with a 30km (or whatever, I don't know figures) radius. The US immediately thinks its under attack by Russia or China and fires Nukes at them. China and Russia are all like "WTF?!!?" and send a whole bunch of nukes back to the US.
Next thing you know is the planet blows up from all the nuclear explosions and stuff.

Moral of the story: Don't eat an orange and drive. Or you could end the world.