The solution is simple but the govt lacks the resolve to do it and make it stick.

- Policy that chases are never abandoned until driver stopped or police have _positive_ identification of driver.
- Mandatory 2 year MINIMUM jail sentence for any driver involved in a police chase for more than 5 seconds.
- Mandatory 10 year MINIMUM jail sentence for any driver involved in police chase and having an accident regardless of whether a 3rd party is involved /injured or not.
- Mandatory 15 year MINIMUM jail sentence for any repeat police chase offender.

Do this, and you'll put a few really stupid people in jail, and then the practise will die out quickly.

Unfortunately this will have a couple of downside.

- Some people will get hurt, maybe the idiots, maybe some more members of the public. People might die.
- Some stupid kids will go to jail when this may be their first offence and they are not otherwise bad kids.

So society, are you prepared to suffer these small pains to drastically reduce the incidence of police pursuits in the future? No, I didn't think so. You wimps.

Cheers - N

ps. Not going to get into an argument as to why these proposed sentences for driving offenses are worse than those given out for murder.