I'm after a nice keyboard for work, doing software development. I recently got a Das Keyboard at home, the quiet model with letters on it instead of blank keys. It's awesome, but it cost me about NZ$230 to get from auspcmarket.com.au. I'd really love another one, the keys have a great feel, they're well spaced, and they're meant to be very robust. The tactile and audible response just makes typing nicer, it's hard to explain, but I really do like the keyboard even with what it cost. It has Cherry Brown switches inside.

The keyboard that I was supplied with at work is small, the keys feel really spongy and weak, and the keys are too close together. It's just not nice to type on.

Is there another keyboard available locally that can compare with the Das for less money? Or even just do better than a stock HP keyboard? If I need to buy another Das I will, but if I can get something even 70% as good for less than I will.