mckenndk: I also have seen for the first time in nz a credit card style system like snapper (look to use the same type of terminal) at the Paramount cinimas in Wellington.
I have?seen these before?in the UK and?they require no pin just the placing of the card on the terminal, the cards I also saw in?London doubled as a Oyster/Credit Card .
These are only available to make payments under 15 pounds though to help stop fraud
Dion ???

I would say that they would have just had a snapper terminal at Paramount (will check tomorrow).

The whole point of Snapper is that it is banking grade micro-payments.? Each tag-on/tag-off is the same level of security that the new smartcard EMV cards when doing EFTPOS transactions.

I personally really like the snapper, it's a touch slower than I would like, but I appreciate that doing a full secure signed transaction over NFC isn't an easy task and it goes as quickly as it possibly can.

Did you get to have a look at it? I doubt its snapper as it has visa and master card written all over it.