Arghh.. I've lost the remote for my Aircon over Xmas. I just can't find it. It'll turn up one day (maybe)

So I thought to myself.. I'll get a universal remote and I checked on the Logitech Site for the Harmony remote and it said it was supported. So I got a Harmony One and... you have to teach it via the original remote the codes for the Aircon :-( Everything else I have in the house just works without having the tech it (1 remote to rule them all).

I went to Jaycar and got a Universal Aircon remote.. (doesn't work with my Aircon) so I am stuck.

Has anyone got one of these remotes for this Aircon I can borrow for a day to program my Harmony remote or if they have a harmony remote and the same Aircon already upload their remote settings to my account so I can install on my remote.

Or I'll try any of the other universal remotes people have if they may support it. 

At the moment.. the Aircon works.. and I have to turn it off/on from the main switch outside