Hey folks,

The internet-deprived population of the isolated island of St Helena in the South Atlantic (a British overseas territory) have a unique opportunity to finally get their 10 MBit/s satellite link (shared by 4,000 people) replace by one of the fastest submarine optic fibre cables, the South Atlantic Express.
Allthough the UK government recently approved the construction of an airport for nearly £ 250 million in order to establish high-spending tourism on the island and so make the island self-sustaining there is no commitment to get this cable to the island.
But how should they get tourists on the island if they even can't upload a simple YouTube video? How should hotels confirm bookings or answer calls when internet access and international telephone service frequently fails due to sun outages? How should you explain high-spending tourists that they can't call home or get their emails?

Without a working telecommuncation infrastructure the investment in an airport for nearly £ 250 million is odd. Since you Kiwis are members of the Commonwealth like St Helenians are I thought I should ask you for your solidarity with these isolated people. They will only get broadband if the global online community solidarizes with them.

So I would kindly ask you to visit our website at http://www.connectsthelena.org/ and to support our initiative that has been started yesterday! This is a unique chance. It is highly unlikely another submarine cable to come anywhere near the island for the next decades.

Thanks for your attention!