We have about twenty five clients using Jetstream, but only one complaining. I noticed though connecting into a few sites, that the JetStream speeds were slower than usual, but I suspect people don't notice that much, or put it down to other things.

That and I have had Xtra close ticket after ticket logged for speed problems as being resolved without a phone call or confirmation of the fault actually being resolved - that is if they open a ticket for you, the helpdesk usually trys to explain it away as upgrades, or it will be sweet, try tomorrow kinda thing.

So, real world verses what Xtra are tracking are from my experience two completly different things.

We have a client on the Broadband Pro Ultra Plan (the most expensive) getting 15K/second since Friday afternoon with no fix in sight, but when we logged this, ALL of Telecom's monitoring software shows that this connection is FINE and we should be getting full speeds.

The problem is the backhaul links, which are shared between ALL ISP's. For more technical detail, read the ISP Association of New Zealand’s letter to our Government regarding the latest issues with Telecom Broadband

It's quite a hoot.