Well I am happy to report that from today I am now on the max/max with TelstraClear and once again I am able to dowload/upload at speeds that are consistent with what I am paying for.

I am sorry ihug, you certainly are very messed up at the moment. I rung ihug this morning to confirm my disconnection only to be told by some CSR that shaping is not something that they do and nor would they!

It is tragic really that the truth isn't even share with their own emplyees.

Anyway, my speed on FTP is back to 200kb's from my server in the states unlike the 2k's I was getting with ihug, sites load faster, can watch streaming video once again and hopefully don't get all the disconnects that I was getting(and that others are now reporting).

Maybe in another lifetime I'll have another look at ihug, but certainly at the moment the taste left in my mouth after this tryout isn't a pleasant one.