jesterpaul: First of all: Thanks for opening this thread. I am hoping some of the good folks on here might be in the know on how the Manukau Heads (Awhitu Peninsula) RBI tower is coming along. Are there still legal wrangles, or have these been resolved?  Any ETA perhaps?

Also a curiosity: Earlier in the the thread someone mentioned that they saw a tower being transported towards Huia (October 2012). I actually saw that too, but it went up Exhibition drive.

Not sure which carrier put one there, but still won't reach Huia with a signal from there. Out of interest does anyone know if it's a Telecom, 2 degrees or VF tower?

Hey Paul, I'm in Huia. I have a clear view over to Awhitu and noticed a tall red and white tower in the distance that I couldn't see before. Not sure if this is a cell tower?

I also recently changed to Vodafone because I found I can get 3G reception in some parts of my house with VF. I think one of my neighbours must have a Sure Signal

Once the Awhitu tower is hooked up we should get pretty reliable signal over most of Huia. Im interested in hooking into the RBI wireless as our fixed line is quite slow.

This will not be a RBI site

@ Lookout: Interesting. I have not seen any new tower, but have not been scanning the horizon lately :)  I wonder if you are my neighbour. I have a suresignal ;)  Mind you it isn't much good for voice calls a lot of the time due to the extreme congestion on our ol' Conklin (hence your slow internet: we're all in the same boat).

@ John: If the tower lookout is referring to is not the much debated RBI tower, do you have any information as to what it is?

Also do can you fins out whether the RBI build on Awhitu is progressing, and what the (if any) ETA there is for that?