schmoogol: This photo shows the fibre anchored at the corner of the house. It runs externally over the roof and down the wall.

I'm interested to know whether this is standard Chorus practice for an overhead install, or whether they would generally bring the fibre through the facia below the gutter and into the ceiling space, like copper telephone wires in many houses do.

The photo actualy shows an Aerial Ribbonet Tube attached to the wall and not the actual fibre (Which was later blown in down to the ETP). 

From the ETP the blown fibre is spliced onto a suitable internal fibre which runs through the HSE (residentual install)  For business installs an ETP may not be installed but the tube transitioned into an internal type a

It all depends on the construction of the building as to where the most appropriate attachment point, transition point (ETP) and path for the fibre is run - in this case it appears as the building looks like brick construction with a flat roof so going over the roof would be a good option.