The Prism database is just an Access 97 Database, so you can easily open it up with access 97 or higher and do with it what you want, perhaps you are running some other version of access on your PC which is causing the conflict with Spectrum search lite.

On the googlepages all I did was upload the HTML file I wrote in notepad, plus the XML file with all the locations using the upload file thingie and then just linked to that page.

Busy renovating the house, when that is done I plan to use Google maps to draw lines between the uplink and downlink sites, and as we all know the info in Prism doesn't necessarily reflect reality.

Now if Woosh were smart they would install transmitters in popular holiday destinations such as queenstown / Ohakune / wherever so us lowly sorts that spend 3 weeks or whatever in a location we don't normally live in can get highspeed internet without needing to pay premium dollar to Vodafone/TNZ card and can continue to have highspeed internet.

I think they would pick up a lot of new customers as well by saying "we are in these popular locations as well so you don't need to be without the internet while on holiday".