Of the 5 previously mentioned points, I would still claim that "commercial" music is relatively highly priced and the subjective value/quality leaves a lot to be desired.

I have what is probably a reasonable size music collection - I think around 5000 tracks, all legal. I've always bought much of my music via CDs. I resented buying entire albums and overpriced singles, so I did illegally download music 10+ years ago in the days of Windows 95/98, dial-up, Morpheus and BearShare. When legal options became available for downloading DRM free track-by-track (specifically iTunes "plus", DigiRama and vodafone) I stopped downloading. Several years ago I was still forced to import CDs and/or use out-of-region services like iTunes US, Rhapsody, and 7digital UK to get certain "bonus"/"exclusive" tracks/albums. I eventually got fed up with having to jump through hoops to get what I wanted. Now I buy very little "commercial" music as many of the artists that I follow seem to have ditched their labels. Funny that! Now I get most of my music by participating in Kickstarter and independent projects, or otherwise buying directly from the artists.

Quite honestly: I despise the big labels and distributors. I'm specifically referring to:
1. How much money actually gets paid to artists.
2. How they do Walmart, Best-Buy, iTunes US, iTunes AU/NZ... etc. ... exclusives.
3. The artists that they choose to put their money behind.

I'm not interested in Lady Gaga and One Direction, so I will not pay a levy or tax to subsidise the organisations that decide that is "good music".

As has been said, I agree that the movie and TV industries are currently far worse than the music industry is in terms of digital content availability/distribution. Just like the music industry with their exclusive versions of albums, the movie and TV industries are doing everything they can to extract maximum dollar from consumers. One need only think of their release chain: cinema, pay-TV, free TV, DVD, blu-ray... collectors/box-set blu-ray, 10 year anniversary uber collector with special case!!! Extract as much money as possible at every stage possible. I think it is ridiculous, so as much as I like some of the content, I currently choose not to buy.

Message to the content industry: well done, your threats convinced a person who used to pay for 90% of his content legally not to download the other 10%... but in the process you lost the 90% too. If you want my hard earned dollar now you're going to have to convince me (a) that what you have is worth paying for at the price you're offering and (b) that I can really get what I want, when I want it, without unnecessary effort. You're currently totally failing on all fronts.