g7viz: I have to agree with you.  Broadband in New Zealand really sucks.  NZ Telecom should be ashamed of themselves.  Unless they do something about it, and do it quickly, I can see people queuing up to leave them in the near future.   Roll on naked broadband.

Wait a minute... With naked broadband people will still be using the current infrastructure for last mile, because I don't see any ISP moving to deploy a new network. So, really you will still be a Telecom NZ customer anyway...

What about asking why ISPs are not investing? Because it's not all TNZ's fault, if you think about it. Bad services exist in other ISPs as well. How many times we read here about bad help desk services from Slingshot? Or why Vodafone does not answer queries sent via e-mail through their contact form?

It's the national past time to blame anything and everything on TNZ. Other day I read here someone blaming TNZ for something that didn't even have TNZ involved!

C'mon... Let's be realistic. It's not one company. It's the entire sector.

Naked DSL may end up costing an ISP about $60/month wholesale - on which they have to get a margin to live on. That's more than todays UBS plans, which start about $30

Panacea's are funny old things....