jawnbc: Am moving house in January and looking at switching from Telecom ADSL to another ISP. Sadly the new address isn't UFB or VDSL enabled.

Snap seems to have a lot of extra charges: for set up, for the modem, installation. Are they really that much better than other ISPs? Or are these charges "negotiable" from others' on here's experiences?


sidefx: Another +1 for snap. The only area where it seems they need a bit of work on their processes is communication with new customers, before connection. I seem to recall having to ring a few times when I signed up to get progress reports, find out what I needed to do next, etc, and I see others having similar issues. Their helpdesk always seems outstanding though, and once you get connected they are absolutely flawless (at least they have been for me)

pretty sure snap can do adsl with an existing modem.. and under a contract, chances are there wouldnt be a setup fee..

tried calling them and see what they can offer? as with many isps, their site can confuse a little sometimes.