hio77: you see, these numbers are simply an estimate.

often i see the numbers come out to be well below what is actually attained, while others are above.

you seem to be getting very caught up on it, and the way your posts are written does have a this is something that personally offends me vibe, which i suspect jase has picked up on here.

Fair enough - I will stop posting on this thread. It was never my intention to offend anyone and if I have then I am sorry. I am new to this and I guess I do have a touch of the evangelist in my posts. I am just worried that with the rapid advance of technology that our area is being left behind. 5Mbps my be acceptable today but I feel that it will not be in 5 years time.

Thanks to all for their replies.

my family home used to connect at 3.5mbit.

as connections degraded, crosstalk etc went up this dropped to about 2mbit.

within the next year, the cabinet on that road will be vdsl capable, and digging around, will certainly be in range of getting vdsl.

unfortunately not everything can be upgraded at the flick of a switch. these things take time.