Install update..

My plan to install a couple of runs of cable myself was vetoed by the household DIY project manager, based on previous reputation of non/poor delivery.

So waited until the guys came round and suggested my plan to them and they seemed happy with it.

ONT went in the garage, on the opposite wall to the ETP, with the optic cable going across the ceiling, back down and then through the hardboard wall into to the ONT.  I'll stick the power brick on the wall with velcro tags to keep it from getting knocked about.

He then drilled two holes under the floor between sofa and bedroom and patched two cat6 cables into a keystone jack next to existing powerpoint.  I helped fish the cable whilst he pushed it up from under the house. One Cat6 direct from the ONT, the other going back to garage to allow for a future structured cabling hub there.  Moved the huawei hg550 behind the sofa, which is also next the untidy Sky and aerial cable coming out the edge of the carpet.

Currently one of the foolish people with UFB and only wi-fi, but with ability to add wired connections around the house as needed in the future. With 30/10 UFB, a wi-fi speedtest was giving 29/9.5 which is fine for us.