I think that you should offer plans which are either symmetrical. Or have the upload no slower than about 1/3 the download speed. Having the faster upload will reduce the number of support calls from people complaining of slow download speeds. Where it turns out to be something saturating the upload.

Although im guessing that since you also do web hosting. That upload bandwidth would be more "expensive" to you than download bandwidth. So maybe have a 200/200 plan. But with the upload speed for known cloud backup sites, torrents ect rate limited during peak times. And of course also offer a non rate limited version.

As for actual speeds, I did a 4GB download from Google drive. Which was rate limited to 65mbit. Probably by google as speed was very consistent, and web browsing ect was no different to when there is no current downloads. So yes I do use my full connection speed. If Snap offered faster speeds I would switch to a higher speed plan, But only if the upload was at least as fast or faster. Can't switch to you guys sorry as Im still on contract.