Vision stream don't seem to do a good job in Auckland at all. While some of the issues may also be Chorus issues, the communication to the end customer is terrible, updates take weeks in most cases. If something becomes complex or hard it goes into a black hole.


There are at least 2 installs where the customer has done more of the install work than Vision stream (digging the trench, pulling the fibre) and talking to some cable installers this often happens as they don't have half the tools they need or should have. I'm not going to tar them all with this as some have done a good job and gone over and above what is required, on the majority of the installs they don't and often fall well short.


I actually hope sites go MDU so UCG can do it as they are so easy to contact and deal with.



Sounds like the MIA install on one of my commercial premises, it took multiple teams to scope the job and when this was finally done and the we were quoted they had another round of sending multiple teams that didn't have the equipment or know how to get the job done.


Every team that turned up so far believed the install was for a residential address.




But i'm sure it will be much better for the cities further south....




It's crazy how many government backed projects are ending up with foreign owned companies making all the profit while local contractors suffer.



With all the on going stuff ups it must be costing someone and it isn't the govt! I believe the govt got a sharp price for the rollout.


The end customer stuffers, but is it Chorus, VisionStream or there subcontractors who end up wearing the costs of sending multiple people and teams out over and over again? 


Reading this it looks like it isn't Chorus either but it also explains why anything complex falls into a black hole