Sam91: Skinny Direct's $30 plan would enable her to make as many local calls as she wants. Instead of paying $80 for a landline and another $5+ for her cellphone usage. She can sign up to Skinny and effectively get both services $30. It's a no brainer really. I guess she may not want to lose her landline number, especially if she's had it for years. If that's the case, you could port the number to 2talk and have a message telling people her new number.

She should probably look at getting a debit card as well. Once she gets internet, she'll be wanting to shop online anyway : )

The Skinny Direct plan only makes sense for her if coupled with Skinny Broadband. It would be silly to pay $70 for naked broadband and then $30 for Skinny Direct. Skinny Direct ($30) + Skinny Broadband ($52) may be slightly more expensive than Slingshot (landline + ADSL), but it offers cellphone data, more calling, and it consolidates her mobile and broadband services.


I'll have to run this past her but (as above) things like 2Talk are not an option, as they would only serve to confuse her. Not sure if she would want to retain her landline number or not.


I guess she likes her copper landline because it just works with minimal understanding required on her part.