I thought someone might have some ideas - doesn't seem to be an issue now but the for the last 24 hours I've been getting less than half the 100/20 dl speed. I checked the speed every week or two for a while, and had the odd weird result - but normal is about 90/15 give or take. Suddenly dl's were about 40.
ISP said all looked OK - check my wife's machine. Sure enough hers was "normal" - so something had happened to my machine. Stopped various bits of software (teamviewer, dropbox, skype and a few less obvious ones) and moved up a bit - best was just over 50 - interestingly after stopping just one.
Connected directly to the router rather than in my normal office at the other end of the house - no change.
Today much the same. Finally responded to the nagging Avast renewal (which required a reboot). Three tests since then have all been "normal". My mind tells me it's just conicidence - but something happened.
Love it if someone might have an explanation for this bear of little brain.