(f)           Connections must be made on a like-for-like basis unless otherwise agreed by the End User. This means that where an existing telecommunications service is underground, then the fibre End User-Specific Infrastructure must be underground, a




(g)          The fibre End User-Specific Infrastructure can only be a ‘fence-line’ installation if the Company first consults with the End User and obtains the End User’s prior written consent to a ‘fence-line’ installation.


(h)          Re-instatement for any form of End User-Specific Infrastructure is to be on a like-for-like basis; for example, a concrete surface must be replaced with a concrete surface, an asphalt surface with an asphalt surface, and a grass surface with a grass surface. H



 It's meaningless.


My copper was underground. Tough luck, they insisted it was going to be stapled to a fence. A rotten fence that the neighbour hits with his cars all the time.




We ran a conduit ourselves in the end.


Then because it crossed the end of drive, another huge argument.


They would not cut the concrete, so we did, then they said no we had to gte a note from Council.


Actually it's LT and no the concrete bit at the end was NOT on their part (where we cut) but no...


So the rest of the drive is asphalt. Would they repair that properly with asphalt? Hell no, they would repair it with patch concrete, So we had to do that too ourselves.




This is the extremely short version of the long drawn out endless arguing c*** we got from them.




Worst company ever to deal with.


The rules apply to YOU not them, they can do what they like.