Waiting for mail back from Voyager, as their help desk said I had to ask via email in order to get answer on whether they would allow web hosting. 


And yes, very small amounts of traffic. Not hosting video or warez! ;)



Yes they allow hosting of servers etc - well, they let me anyway. Seeby himself replied to me confirming they had no issues with my running web/mail from a home connection and that they dont block any ports to prevent this.



Many thanks, guys, but you know that by admitting this you are going to get the third degree from Chevrolux? ;P


Makes the decision a no-brainer; Voyager it is.



Haha don't get me wrong! I run a server at home that I host stuff off that I don't care about. But the way you were talking sounded like it was for clients. Anything important I wouldn't want anywhere near a standard UFB connection - bitstream 3 or better, with the gold SLA would be a minimum (and cost around $3-400/month retail).


Not to mention if/when the old home-made server dies you better hope the backup strategy is sound! 



Yeh, the backup is a good point, and another reason why we are doing it internally. One of the sites, a PGV genealogical, is freaking huge, and backups upstream->local became an issue. So it was another reason we decided for home office hosting. 


I may yet add some client websites to the server, but only 1 or 2, as sharing the single IP address not such as crash hot idea, especially if one of them is an ecomm(extended family have a shop, current hosting in the states is utter crap).