I think I can see a green earth cable running through the ETP, is that what you're talking about?




Is that the earth rod in the 2nd photo?


I agree. That green cable definitely looks like the main earth cable for the house.

And that is definitely the earth rod in the 2nd photo.




Yep that is exactly what I'm referring to. 






As far as running comms and power together, they can be right next to each other as long are they are effectively segregated, usually achieved by double insulation.




It is RECOMMENDED, that there should be at least 50mm spacing between the 2 to prevent interference between them. Looking at your pictures I can't see any thing mains rated in either picture, some clarification would good, maybe add an arrow point to the item.






The green cable is a mains earth wire connected to a ground rod, as someone noted earlier (good spotting btw).   I'm pretty sure this is a no-no.


The green wire leads to a meter box directly above the ETP.




As I've had no clear answer yet, later today I'll dig up the Chorus documentation on TC cable & electrical wiring, then post what it says....








Edit: slightly better photo-