chevrolux: Have to agree... wire maintenance has been irrelevant for a looooong time - and that's coming from someone who actually did those "wire maintenance" jobs.

But I just want to circle back up here ..."Gave the old girl a call"... how did it cost Grandma for you to call her?!


Guess I should be more specific here in that she was referencing a call she made earlier in the month when I was talking to her. That would be something else though, make a collect call to my nan 😄


Re: wire maintenance. Surprising that most of you now think it's irrelevant. When I last saw it on a bill of mine, I didn't think it was something you could remove. Her house was built in the 70's, one wall socket per room, so wire maintenance would probably seem like a smart choice from her end, if she knew she had that choice. 


While we're on the subject of wires. I moved house at the beginning of November 2019 and didn't get fibre up and running until the end of January 2020. Living in Hamilton, fibre through Slingshot. The bloke that finally fixed it reckons that the only reason we didn't have internet in December, was because the first person that came to sort it out didn't actually connect it properly so that it would come to the apartment. Instead, it was just going around in circles in the roadside box. Considering it wasn't their fault, Slingshot did well by me and gave us a great discount for the next 12 months.