Cyril was right. Sync speeds are very good.

Maximum line rate: 18064 kbps (downstream) / 1292 kbps (upstream)  Smile
Noise margin: 6 dB (downstream) / 17.4 dB (upstream)
Line attenuation: 32.6 dB (downstream) / 15.6 dB (upstream)
Output power: 20.4 dBm (downstream) / 11.9 dBm (upstream)


International speeds could be better..


Pings are decent.

Real world download test

Overall I'm happy with the connection and its roughly 5x faster than me previous one.

I'm assuming Orcon has already turned interleaving off, in that case pings are not as good as my old connection was with interleaving off, but its still pretty good.