I just want to get a rough estimate. It is 50/50? 60/40? 90/10, 99/1? If you guys installing these systems, you would probably tell me that it could be X out of 10 that the number is different from a  '9'. 

If you're so keen on getting a percentage figure, why not pay for some market research to be done. That would give you a concrete answer. 

Personally, I think the actual percentages of 1 vs 9 in use is irrelevant to your situation. What matters more is probably what people prefer to use now. Just make a decision and live with it.

Again, I am asking for a rough estimate based on forum member's experience. I understand it could be different from person to person, and I realize this is not a scientific poll. I still don't undestand why this question is so difficult for you. If you ask me, I'd say that for the U.S. the most common dial-out digit is '9', and then '8'. Again in my experience, 80% of PBXs are set to '9' and maybe 20% are set to  '8'.

I was expecting somebody could give me such a rough estimate for NZ.