OK, my daughter who is 8 has been using her closely monitored gmail account (google apps for domains) for about 2 years now.

She also loves google talk and uses it quiet frequently to send me the odd message to me at work, as well as for chatting to family

Google has never asked her for her age. I setup the account myself a few years ago as I am the Google apps domain administrator.

Today I decided to let her have access to google+ so that she can share photos with her family in South Africa.

So we entered her birth date, and google automatically blocked her access to google+. What has made it worse is that its blocked her gmail account as well.

There does not seem any way around this. The only way around it seems to be for me to falsify her birth date, and then submit proof that she entered her birth date incorrectly. Even as the apps domain administrator there is nothing I can do to re-enable it. Worse, the account will be deleted in 30days if nothing further is done.

Anybody else had an issue like this with an easy work around?

This now also raises the question, what about Android phones and gmail services on there? Was actually thinking of getting her one for her next birthday. But no gmail? no google talk?

Any advice will be appreciated.