Long story short: I have to regularly check large budget spreadsheets generated by others. I don't have any control over template/layout and I'm not in a position to impose a consistent approach.


Occasionally an error slips by undetected and this is bad because others are relying on my review of those spreadsheets, to make important decisions.  This happened recently when I didn't notice a subtotal had omitted a single but important line item.


Has anyone come across error checking add-ins or macros that would look for potential errors - like possible range errors in a formula? 


The built in checks only really find errors that make formulae invalid.  The little pop up warning didn't pick up the range omission that slipped past me.


I'd like more than the trace precedent/descendent tools as some of the ranges are multiple screens long or on multiple tabs.  I'd like something that will look at the range in formulae and highlight where a precedent may have been omitted.