Geektastic: Further update.

I transferred my Aperture library yesterday no problem - took about 2 hours to move 140 Gb.

Today I am using Apple Backup 3 to back up 6.5Gb of music. So far it has taken over an hour and is not even half way! I'm not sure if this is as a result of Backup, Drobo, Firewire or a combination. I would have thought transferring a copy of 6.5Gb size files to one HDD from another ought to take around 30 minutes tops though? System Profiler says that the Drobo is connected at 800 Mbits/s - but I don't know how to measure actual transfer rates whilst the operation is in progress.

Thoughts, anyone?

Apple backup is painfully slow.  Give SuperDuper! a go instead, it's the bee's knees

Funnily enough, I have just this minute downloaded that! Smile

I am just exploring it and trying to work out the best way to proceed. Should I simply make it copy my entire Mac HDD to the Drobo?

A good option in the first instance would be to clone your OS drive to a disk image.  This means if your actual production drive ever dies, you can boot off the disk image on the drobo until you replace and repair your main disk.  Nifty :)