The Dell U2410 is a great monitor for it's price... if you get a good one.

There are still issues with the A01 revision.

It still exhibits tinting and possible back-lighting issues.

The Dell forum still notes people are having problems with this monitor.

I have no idea how easy it would be to get an exchange monitor though Dell New Zealand.

People with problematic monitors have had them replaced, but are on their second or third replacement due to tinting or colour issues. This ratio implies a high turnover. 

Dell has repeatedly stated there is not a tinting issues and that all monitors sent out are within specifications.

To be fair and balanced, you don't get all the satisfied customers writing in and maybe those that have had multiple replacements of their monitors have expectations beyond the abilities of the monitor.

Mind you, looking at the screen snap-shots of monitors people are noting as faulty, I couldn't use them on a daily basis when you've paid NZD999.00.

For myself, knowing what I know, I wouldn't buy another Dell U2410 monitor at NZD999.00 as the gamble is too high.

I have also seen posts of problems with the Dell U2711 where the client has calibrated the monitor and found tinting issues. They got it replaced, re-calibrated the the new device and found it to be vastly better.

So, if like me you buy an IPS monitor from Dell which states, "Factory Calibrated: Be enthralled by the first Dell monitor that is color-calibrated at the factory for accurate, consistent and precise colors.", then be informed.

DELLs testing is not as exhaustive as say a high-end NEC or EIZO monitor due to DELLs price placement.

I believe HP and Apple also have problems with screen tinting, but they may approach how they deal with this issue differently from DELL.