raab: Indeed. Highly recommend Computer lounge as their service is hands down the best you'll find for computer retailers.

They have online presence on MSN and forums and are always willing to put up with questions which ultimately lead to sales anyway :)

I used to be one for purchasing from the cheapest stores on pricespy but after realising that after sales service is just as important, when you want to RMA something to the cheapest store you bought from they don't want to know you where as clounge welcome you with open arms.

I actually emailed them yesterday a pre purchase enquiry as I was having trouble removing the 'Keyboard' from the online computer builder, and 24 hours later no reply. Maybe they are so busy.

They are very busy at the moment apparently, i think they are down staff at a guess (due to sickness or away or something?), Billy said he was having to do other things as well as sales i think.

computerlounge at hotmail is their MSN address. Replies aren't always instant of course due to being busy, and you cant be always sitting waiting for people to send messages i suppose.

Glad to hear they are so busy in todays economy.

I never got a reply after two days, so they obviously don't want my business.