cyril7: Hi, the most basic UPS you would need is one of these (see 6th device on page below UPS650 with USB interface) this will easily support what you want and your modem etc etc.

We supply these as basic units to client with one or two basic servers.


going by the numbers of complaints I've seen, I think I'll have to go with a Belkin rather than a Dynamix.

p.s., link didn't work (menu appears, but not any UPS page itself)

robertcnz: Get a Double-conversion / online one if you can.

yea, naa I need something way cheaper than that (something that doesn't cost more than my PC itself)

robertcnz: Used all three common types now and found that I have less problems with this type instead of the others.

what problems have you had? heat? noise? melting? dying batteries?