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Uber Geek

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  # 64500 21-Mar-2007 09:44
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There is still no release date for the 6800 or word on whether it will have WM6 or if WM6 will be offered as an upgrade.

there is a list of all the current ROMs here:

You should have a read throught that and decide. I would recommend either the original Helmi 3.5 or Kirvins stock ROM which I linked to earlier but isn't on that page.

Handsfree is supported with the current official AKU. BT DUN has been removed by Microsoft and replaced with BT PAN. Just using the Internet Connection Sharing program to use the Apaches internet connection with your PC.

As for the X-Modem I never saw that on mine so I will assume its part of the ExtROM which should be copied to your mini sd card not moved.

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Master Geek

  # 64505 21-Mar-2007 10:29
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Based on the work being done in North America, my understanding is that PPC6800 will ship with WM5.

I am guessing that Sprint, Verizon and Bell Mobility are about 1.5 months into testing.

The may be different in Asia Pacific.

If they have deadline for release, I do not see them doing regression testing for WM6.

I am also guessing this is a severe disconnect between marketing/sales and engineering at the carriers.

The engineering folks want to mitigate risk and make sure they release a device that will run on their EV-DO networks.

The marketing folks are trying to assess who will purchase the units, I can not speak for US carriers, the 2 Canadian Carriers Telus and Bell Mobility sell most of their Windows Mobile devices to enterprise customers, SMB and Prosumers. One out of a 1,000 sales people in bell's retail store know what a Windows Mobile device is, let alone what it can do, carrier also tend not to sell any 3rd party apps, therefore, they are clueless.

WM is about 10% of their data enabled devices, they are clueless or each carrier follows the others like sheep.

I am guessing the enterprise customers will pass on PPC6800 if it does not have WM 6, WM 6 is one step closer to Microsoft being able to stand toe to toe with RIM (wireless data leader in North America). SMB may not, if there are lots of PPC6700 at fire sale price, the carriers may have a tough sell for PPC6800 for SMB and Prosumers.

The EV-DO rev A likely field upgrade may only temp them if they plan using Communication Server 2007 for VOIP and presence and want WM devices to participate (Rev A will likely take a year in Canada to roll out, initial EV-DO is still being rolled out).

It is not very compelling to move, more RAM, updated AKU?, possible upgrade to Rev A, WM 5!!!!

Do you know of follow up device to PPC6800, if nothing coming this year, GSM is has much better devices at this point in time. The follow up to TyTN looks awesome!!!!!!!!!



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# 64524 21-Mar-2007 12:27
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I resolved my bluetooth random disconnect issue with my PPC-6700.
As long as the PPC-6700 stays on, meaning doesn't suspend you are ok.
As soon as the PPC-6700 goes into standby (I usually have it set to suspend
after 2 minutes in the battery settings) the bluetooth connection and sometimes
the complete pairing information get's lost (Car kit constantly tries to connect to PPC-6700).
PPC-6700 needs to be reset in order to pair again.

I downloaded Devstate 1.5 from the net.
It puts a small menu on the today screen that let's me choose to >Prevent suspend<
although the bettery seetings are set to suspend after 2 minutes.
I usually set the prevent suspend when I go in my car and remove it when I'm done.

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Wannabe Geek

# 65242 28-Mar-2007 00:58
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I have been watching this thread closely and decided, what the heck?  I downloaded and installed AKU 3.5 on my Bell Mobility PPC6700 and it works just fine so far..... I will test extensively and post my findings.

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Master Geek

  # 65243 28-Mar-2007 02:49
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I have a couple of questions, it looks like I am taking the plunge this coming weekend.


Which AKU 3.5 did you use? Did you use the one posted by Brad Stewart?

Did the AKU that you used have xmodem, the application on PPC6700 that manages the USB connection on PPC, this is the app on PPC6700 that works with software on Bell Mobility CD to make your PPC6700 look like a modem when connecting via USB?

How long dis it take to complete?

By the way still working with Bell Mobility Corporate Head Office to get ROM 2.11.20 WWE, I think I have workaround by copying 2.11.20 WWE ROM to miniSD card. Bell Mobility provided same external link as Canada4u to extROM 2.11.710 WWE.

Thank You


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Wannabe Geek

  # 65244 28-Mar-2007 03:27
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- I used the link posted in this thread: Kervin_AKU_3.5_Stock.exe

- I am using the new "Internet Sharing" application to access the internet.

- It took less than 15 minutes to load up the ROM.... follow the instructions in the readme.txt and you should be fine.

- There is already a link in this thread to Bell Mobility's APAC_BM_21120.exe.... look a little deeper and you will see it on the 2nd page of this thread.



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Master Geek

  # 65245 28-Mar-2007 03:32
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Fordomatic 69,

Thank You for your fast reply.

Does the internet sharing application work better than xmodem?

I have laptop and want to connect laptop when I am away, I have had good success with xmodem, is internet sharing a new application on AKU 3.5, does it work well.



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Master Geek

  # 65246 28-Mar-2007 03:35
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The link you posted earlier for PPCgeeks with all the AKU 3.5 ROM version is not opening, it looks like PPCGeeks web site is down, is there another site this same link is posted? get server down error


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Master Geek

  # 65562 30-Mar-2007 09:24
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Hi Everyone,

PPC Geeks is back up.

It looks like Internet sharing replaces xmodem, as long as it supports USB connection of PPC6700 to my laptop, I am happy camper.

I also wanted to ask about MMS Sprint settings, since I am Bell Mobility, will this cause any issues for any type of messaging?

I do use SMS messaging, could anyone shed some light of this?

Fordomatic, does your SMS messaging from Bell Mobility work OK??


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  # 65611 30-Mar-2007 15:05
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Fordomatic 69:
I'm really interested in this mainly for the better bluetooth stack.
I wonder if someone can confirm this is the right ROM?
Kirvin_AKU_3.5_Stock: 31,993KB on my computer

1. Hard reset your phone. As mentioned above, you don't need Clear Storage to do this.
Hold down both soft buttons with one hand and poke the reset hole with the other, ideally
while holding a stylus in the second hand, unless you have really pointy fingers.

2. Put your phone in Bootloader mode. This is a special condition that prepares the phone to rewrite
 the ROM. While holding down both the power and record buttons, poke the reset switch, again with a stylus.
 The backlight should go off and the screen will say "Serial". When you put it in the crade, the screen will
 change to say "USB" and the backlight will stay off. This is normal. Wait for Windows to recognize the new USB device before moving on.

3. Run Kirvin AKU 3.5 Stock.exe. Keep clicking Next until it's done. Do NOT remove your phone from
the cradle until it tells you to! Seriously. Don't make me come over there.

4. When told to remove your phone from the cradle, pull it out and hard reset it again. Congratulations!
You're running AKU 3.5, probably the closest to Windows Mobile 6 we Apache owners will ever get!

Do you have to soft reset before customisation starts?
I read how this is done here:

Will EVDO work?
What about wrlsmgt Wireless Manager?
sddialler- Voice Tag Button Control?

Anything that has to be done after you interrupt customisation on the Bell PPC-6700?

There is no technical disadvantage in doing this other than maybe losing the warranty?

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Master Geek

  # 65665 31-Mar-2007 00:29
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Hi Canada4U,

I now have the same objective as you based on your post.

I think you have the right ROM, 2 of the posts from bradstewart have the correct ROM. This is the ROM I plan to use, you may want to check out this link, I found it helpful,

The main purpose for me to upgrade to AKU 3.5 is better bluetooth, I think this is cleaner than adding Widcom bluetooth stack.

If you PPC6700 is over 1 year old and you do not have Bell's extended warranty, you can not have warranty exchange anyway. The only issue I see is that UTStarcom nor Bell Mobility may assist you if you have OS problems. It really depends if they ask you what version of the ROM you are using.

I plan to download the 2.11.20 WWE rom to miniSD in case I need to re-flash

Forums like Geekzone, PPCPhonehome and PPCGeeks seem to have more knowledgeable Windows Mobile people to answer questions than Bell and UTStar.

Based on my research, AKU3.5 ROM update should not affect the EV-DO on the phone. You may loose the HTC Voice software, however, MS Voice Command 1.6 is better and support Bluetooth now.

I think the wireless manager may change, I am not sure, I hope Fordomatic69 can respond since he has already completed the upgrade.


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  # 65674 31-Mar-2007 01:58
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Tks a lot Golfman!
I read through the pdf (Bell_UTStarcom_PPC6700[1].pdf) that you can find on the UTstarcom website along with the ROM 2.11.20 WWE (APAC_BM_21120.exe)

I wonder about the EPST and so on but I think the "Kirvin_AKU_3.5_Stock" does not influence the Radio part of the PPC.

Under NO condition should you unplug or ever stop the update once it has started. It will

corrupt the Windows Mobile operating system in the PPC6700BM.

6. The device will have to be power cycled before coming out of the software update flash mode. Follow reset

instruction provided on-screen or press the reset button on the bottom of the device. Wait for the firmware to

rebuild and the device will automatically restart itself and return to the main idle screen.

7. From the main screen, go to “Start” menu and select the “Phone” application. Dial ##111111 and press “Talk”.

This will bring up the EPST (Activation Wizard) screen. Highlight MSID and select “Edit”. In the “Value:” field,

enter your mobile number (##########). Do not insert any spaces or hyphens. Select “OK” when complete.

Select “OK” from the EPST screen and select “Yes” to save changes. The device will need to be reset for the

changes to take place.

The activation code ##111111 can only be used once. Please be sure that you follow the

instructions in step 7 carefully. If you exit the Activation Wizard prior to completing the MSID programming, you

will need to contact support for assistance.

8. You can confirm a successful update by [Start] [Settings] [System] [Device Information] and confirm these

values have change to the Local Network Providers settings.

a. ROM version: 2.11.20 WWE

b. Radio version: 1.14.00

c. Protocol version: SNAZ-40306

d. ExtROM version: 2.11.710 WWE

e. Hardware version: 0041

f. PRI version: 1.06_007

g. Browser version: MSIE 4.01

Congratulations you have successfully updated your PPC6700BM. Personal information and/or 3
rd Party

software may need to be reinstalled before it will function correctly.

Consumer Warning: This Self Executable RUU update tool is intended for a one time use on each PPC6700BM and

should be removed once all updates has been completed and confirmed. If you repeatedly re-flash the same

PPC6700BM it may cause an error’s in the PDA operating system. A service fee will apply to recover the PPC6700BM if

the operating system has been lost or corrupted. This update is intend for use with
ONLY the Bell / BWA Mobility -

PPC6700BM and should not be used on any other version of PDA even if the product looks similar. Software is

Engineered for each Carrier and is not interchangeable.

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Master Geek

  # 65675 31-Mar-2007 02:18
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I have based much of my information on a former Microsoft MVP who lives in my area.

According to him and he reads many of the forums and has done ROM updates, the ROM 2.11.20 WWE is the operating system, its apps like Office Mobile. The customization for Bell Mobility is 2.11.710 WWE is the extended ROM where Bell/UTStar load all the cab files that load on the system when you start the PPC6700 up after a clear storage, this includes the bell skins and any customization that Bell Mobility has done.

Based on my understanding, loading the 2.11.20 WWE ROM does not affect the radios on the system except the Bluetooth, you may have different looking comm manager, however, wifi should work the same as well as EV-DO.

The real proof in the pudding will be when/if Fordomatic69 presents his/her observations based on their update.

In my case, I plan to have a copy of the 2.11.20 WWE available if the ROM update does not meet my expectations or does something funky to my device that makes it not work with Bell network (very low probability).

Worse case, I will purchase new PPC6700 (I have 24 month upgrade waived in my situation) @ $99.00 and restore my current image to new PPC 6700, not a great hassle since we have number portability.

Still, I think I would really like some feedback from Fordomatic69, he/she has already done what both of us are looking to do.


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  # 65677 31-Mar-2007 02:34
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Great info Golfman!
I also wonderif fordomatic69can let us know exactley how what he did it.
Kind of a short point by point instruction so we have it easier on the weekend.

- The Kirvin stock 3.5 ROM does not include the extended Rom as I understand.
- Do you have to interupt the installation in order to prevent customisation or is this not necessary
because the Kirvin Rom doesn't come with extended Rom in the first place?
- Do you need to install CAB files after the Kirvin stock Rom installation? Which ones and where can I get them?
- Do you need an Extended Rom unlocker like Total Comander for this procedure or is this not necessary?

I know many questions but I know I can do it :-)

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Master Geek

  # 65678 31-Mar-2007 02:52
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Hi Canada4U,

The extended ROM 2.11.710 WWE and ROM 2.11.20 WWE are independent of one another.

I think either you or Fordomatic69 posted the extended ROm 2.11.710 WWE.

I do not think there is any customization when installing Kirwin AKU 3.5, I would just follow instructions.

I plan this weekend to try, I hope there is a reply from Fordomatic69, I hope BradStewart is still reading if there are problems, in case assistance is needed.


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