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18 posts


  # 65679 31-Mar-2007 03:47
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Golfman. Now I see! I didn't realise initially that the upgrade posted by Bell is only the extended Rom upgrade.

You can confirm that your device is eligible for an update by choosing [Start] [Settings] [System] [Device Information]

and verifying that the ExtROM version indicates 2.11.700 WWE. If your device indicates 2.11.710 WWE, then your

device does not require the update.
> Software upgrade

Do you have the Bell ROM 2.11.20 WWE? Link? Just in case we need it.

I think I'll just load the Kirvin Rom. I think it will work just fine after all what I read so far.

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Master Geek

  # 65680 31-Mar-2007 03:54
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Bell has not/will not release 2.11.20 WWE, if you are in GTA, you could check with UTStar (office on Eglington in Mississuaga) if they will release ROM. They will likely tell you to contact Bell, Bell data support will not help. It's a real chicken and egg thing!!!!!!!!!!!

You can also look at unlocking ROM and saving on miniSD card.



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  # 65681 31-Mar-2007 04:09
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fordomatic69 and Golfman32:

I don't think I'll suceed in unlocking the Rom and saving the Rom to SD card so I'll just
go ahead with the Kirvin Stock Rom.

Question to fordomatic69:
Since you've already done the upgrade did you unlock the ROM to get the original ROM as a safety copy?

It would be great if you could read a few posts backwards and answer the questions.

Thank's a lot fordomatic69 and Golfman32

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Wannabe Geek

# 65799 1-Apr-2007 00:26
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I have tested going back to the Bell ROM and it works just fine.  The Bell ROM listed here:

is a 3 stage ROM so there is more than just the extended ROM.  The Kirvin ROM only loads one stage and it takes 5 mins.  Here is how I did it:

1.  Press and Hold both Soft Keys (the keys with the dash on either side of the joystick).

2.  While holding the soft keys, press the reset button with your stylus until you see a message about clearing to factory defaults.

3.  Press y to clear to factory defaults but DO NOT press the space bar to reset the device, this just wastes time and is not necessary

4.  Press and hold the Record and Power button at the same time and reset the phone with the stylus.  The backlight will go out and you will see the word "Serial" if you look carefully at the screen.  You cannot turn on the backlight at this time, this is normal.

5.  Place the phone in the cradle and "Serial" will change to "USB".  Click the Kirvin executable file and follow the onscreen instructions.

6.  Soft reset the phone and it will reboot and re-install all the BELL Mobility pre-loaded applications. 

7.  Re-sync your contacts, etc.  Not sure if you can restore your applications because I just re-installed mine (house cleaning)

8.  Enjoy the faster, more stable PPC6700(b)  LOL 

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Master Geek

  # 65801 1-Apr-2007 02:12
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Thank You for your reply.

I have a couple of questions.

There are 2 soft keys on each side of joystick, did you press the outside softkeys or the one's that have windows logo and OK?

The other question relates to going back to Bell 2.11.20 WWE ROM, my understanding is that the link listed below is for 2.11.710 WWE which is extended ROM, not the 2.11.20 WWE which is the base ROM? Can you clarify?

Also, did you have any issues with Kirvin AKU 3.5 ROM on your device? Did you have any issues with voice calls, EV-DO data or WiFi?

I am planning to do this today, I am slightly paranoid since I have not done this before and want to mitigate risk.


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Master Geek

  # 65811 1-Apr-2007 09:21
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Hi Everyone,

I have completed the following:

moved extended ROM to miniSD

Stored my main ROM 2.11.20 WWE to another miniSD for restore

Flashed ROM to AKU3.5 Kirwin version

Initial Observations

Bluetooth still skips, main reason for switching

Having problems doing initial sync, Activesync 4.5 says device is out of memory, have approx 30MB for program memory and 31MB for storage, why does the device have no memory,

Windows Media is huge, takes 16MB to run

Phone works, the airplane icon is funky, turns all off

1X connection works

To Brad Stewart,

Did you have same issues with Bluetooth and have you encountered the memory issues?

To Fordomatic69

Did you have any of these issues?


Have you upgraded, are you having issues?


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Master Geek

  # 65813 1-Apr-2007 09:23
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To Brad Stewart,

Why does the contacts section not open?


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  # 65821 1-Apr-2007 10:19
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This is the thread where I saw some issues with contacts:
Page 4:

I got my bluetooth issue (random disconnect) with my Motorola iHF1000 car kit resolved with MortSaver 2.0
Before I enter my car I activate MortSaver (press On-button and then the Explorer button on the side), PPC stays active and bluetooth doesn't disconnect or loses the pairing information)

I'm syncing everything including my 500+ contacts wireless via Exchange Server 2003.

Golfman32. Please let us know if you can resolve the contact issue and if you can go
back to the original ROM as fordomatic69 said earlier would be no problem.

116 posts

Master Geek

  # 65824 1-Apr-2007 11:07
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Hi Canada4U,

Thank You for your prompt reply.

I re-flashed the device and I can activesync my Mobile Office data (contacts works now)

My issue with Bluetooth may be different than yours.

I have 3 Bluetooth devices:

  • GPS
  • Jawbone Bluetooth Headset
  • Moto HT820 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

The issue I have been having is with Bluetooth A2DP (Stereo).

I have tried the hacks for A2DP and its still flakey (on 4 min song, may it skips multiple times)

Based on your ROM, did you find that Windows Media took 16MB in program memory while running!!!

When I look at the device info, does your ROM still show 2.11.20 WWE?

Based on the info on the ROM, it also stated that Clear Storage was removed and the HTC Voice Command was removed!!

They still show up on my device.

I am testing A2DP for about an hour, if its the same issues at regular ROM with the hacks, I may move back to supported ROM


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  # 65853 1-Apr-2007 16:06
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Hello Golfman:
- You reflashed again with the AKU 3.5 "Stock"?
- EVDO works or only 1x?
- Activesync works via USB or also via exchange server?
- Bluetooth A2DP (Stereo). I don't know about this.
- I'm not planing to change my ROM for the moment. I'd like to see a UtStarcom update
  for the bluetooth issue, I don't really need WM6.

I'd try to go back to supported ROM and wait a while. I'm sure there will be a solution
for your problem soon.

I think you used "stock" It doesn't remove Voice Dial nor clear storage. "No-Junk" version does.

Kirvin stock:
Wireless Modem (doesn't work on 3.5, use Internet Sharing instead)
.NET 2.0 Compact Frameworks are preinstalled.

Kirvin no junk:
Cyberon Voice Dial (if you're going to use voice dial at all, get Microsoft's Voice Command 1.6)
Clear Storage (hold down both soft buttons while pressing in on the reset switch to hard reset if you need to)
MSN (all of it)
IntelliPad (the goofy T9 SIP)
IA_Zip (Unnecessary with Total Commander)
SMS Retry (might be useful if it was automatic, but it's not...)
Wireless Modem (doesn't work on 3.5, use Internet Sharing instead)
1-Calc Lite (better calculator)
MMS with Sprint settings (self-explanatory)
Midlet Manager (Java Virtual Machine)
Total Commander 2.5 (freeware filemanager, FTP client and registry editor; also makes great fries!)
Windows Live Search (better than Google Maps)

.NET 2.0 Compact Frameworks are preinstalled.

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Master Geek

  # 65858 1-Apr-2007 16:35
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Hi Canada4U,

Thank You for reading my last post.

I am going to try the other Kirvin ROM tonite, its really not a big issue to flash, I feel like a veteran (just  kidding!!!).

I  have looked at the options regarding waiting for new ROM's. Bell Mobility has never produced a ROM update for any pocket PC phone they have sold. Even if UTStar produced one, Bell would not authorize it to be released.

Bell does have PPC6800 coming, likely May, it may have an updated ROM but likely WM5, I am not sure the rest of WM devices in the pipeline for Bell this year. If there is nothing else, I will likely move to Rogers and pick up either a HTC 7501 or HTC Kaiser. You pay more for device, however, they have good resale and you are not stuck with device for 24 months due to subsidy. Rogers should have HSDPA in most of Ontario by fall 2007.

Activesync works fine, I did not try EV-DO, I am about 20 min drive from city with EV-DO.

If A2DP works better on Kirvin no junk, that will be great (I use Voice Command vs HTC voice anyway).

I hope SMS still works on new ROM as well.

I will let you know the outcome.

Have you completed your ROM update?


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  # 65906 2-Apr-2007 00:35
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Hello Golfman32:
I'm waiting for confirmation that active sync to exchange server and push-mail still works with Kirvin stock 3.5
I'm using my phone for business so this is crucial for me.
I'd say it should work but still there is a chance that it doesn't, right?

You "moved extended ROM to miniSD and stored my main ROM 2.11.20 WWE to another miniSD for restore"
How did you do this?

Do you like the user interface of 3.5 much better?

Have a nice day

116 posts

Master Geek

  # 65907 2-Apr-2007 01:54
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I have tested Activesync 4.5, it works with one issue, the Explore Pocket PC does not work, this is an issue for me since I sometimes copy files to miniSD card. I do not have an exhange server to to, sorry.

I can tell you the process of flashing took about 20 min, if it does not work, there is a Bell Mobility link on this thread to reload Bell ROM.

What I have done:

  • Unlocked extended ROM, moved extended ROM files to miniSD card
  • Setup up blank miniSD card and loaded main ROM 2.11.20 WWE to miniSD card, this was the most challenging (because I am new to this wonderful world of hacks for Pocket PC, I can post link for this step)
  • Flashed ROM to Kirvin AKU3.5 Stock, then flashed again to AKU 3.5 no junk (Kirvin)
  • loaded some of my apps, about 6 and tested
  • have not tested EV-DO yet

The miniSD may not be necessary since there is a Bell Mobility link to flash device.

As far as the interface, no fancy skins, more bare bones, please note you will need to find zip program and if you use MSN, on No Junk AKU, this is gone.

Some of the screen are supposed to be like WM 6, I do not have a WM6 device to compare.

Phone calls work, SMS works, 1X data works, I have not setup email yet.

For me, the interface is not as important as function, still having some issues with music skipping on A2DP, found 3rd party music player Mort Player that is somewhat better than WM Player.

This is the link for moving main ROM to miniSD, make sure you have blank miniSD:

Give it a try if you have a couple of hours today, as long as you can re-flash and have a backup once re-flashed back to bell ROM, no big deal to try.

Its easier than I expected.


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  # 65908 2-Apr-2007 03:16
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What about >my computer< on your PC? Doesn't the Pocket PC show up as a device?
Usually I go there directly and don't use the "Explore Pocket PC" in active sync.

Tks. for the backup ROM link. Did you try to reflash to this backup ROM?

I'm still confused with ROM and Ext. Rom and need your help here.

The Bell link is only Extended ROM  2.11.710 WWE, right? The main ROM ROM 2.11.20 WWE I can backup to SD card with your link.

The AKU3.5 does not touch the Ext. ROM, right? Why would I need to unlock the Ext. ROM and move to SD card?
Did you do this to selectively install the applications later on?

Once you flash with Kirvin 3.5 all the applications like Word, Powerpoint... should reinstall automatically with the
Bell extended Rom customisation, right?

What is your advice for me to keep the risk at minimum? Is backup Rom to SD card with mtty1.42.exe enough
or is the unlock Ext Rom necessary?

Thanks a lot Golfman32!
I might do it l8er today just for the fun of it!

116 posts

Master Geek

  # 65909 2-Apr-2007 04:14
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Hi Canada4U,

No, Pocket PC does not show up in My Computer, I have had some success just copying files to activesync folder.

I have thread open on PPC Geeks for assistance on Explore Pocket PC issue.

I am sticking with and playing with Kirvin AKU 3.5 no junk until tonite. I am hope for feedback from PPC Geeks thread and any feedback from Fordomatic69 and Brad Stewart.

The ROM 2.11.20 WWE is the base ROM, the operating system per say

The ext ROM 2.11.710 WWE is the Bell customization ROM, you know all the cab files that run when you clear storage, they are from extended ROM.

The AKU 3.5 ROM should not, I copied my extended ROM to miniSD card, once you unlock, its like regular files.

On Kirvin ROM

MS Mobile Office (word, PP, outlook, etc)
media player

Not On

Zip program
MSN Mobile

if you check out on PPC Geeks thread which is on this thread, its has list of what is not on.

Kirvin stock ROM is closet to Bell ROM, no junk ROM is supposed to be closer to WSM6.

I am not sure on the Bell customization part, I did not do that part and see no need.

The mtty app is for moving the 2.11.20 WWE ROM, not the extended ROM.

I was in your position over the past 2 weeks, I would suggest taking the plunge and try it.

Good Luck,


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