well for the 2nd time in a month this phone has played up.  Yesterday around midday the battery started losing 15 % charge each hour.  Charged it up and went through all settings and disabled background tasks on all.  Then did shutdown and restart and checked settings okay.  by 7.30pm it was 95% charged and would not charge more. Disconnected charger, restart phone and charge to 100%.  Checked at 10.30pm all working fine.  This morning nothing, phone wouldnt start at all.  After 5 minutes tried pressing volume down and power button at same time and phone started.  Showing 100% charge but date is now back to 1/09/2012. Reset date and so far all fine. Just like a month ago.  Not sure I like the idea of this happening every 4 weeks.   And of course cant take it back to say faulty as it will all be working fine again.

Only apps apart from standard is 4u2stream,NZherald,accuweather.