semigeek: So I got a shiny new Nokia 830 for Christmas, which in itself is a great phone. The screen is good being only 720p, the battery life is great, the camera is great and some of the apps are pretty good too.  I have some of the apps installed that I had on Android - like iheartradio, Pandora, Netflix (well that one isn't working for some reason), Endomondo, Viber, IMDB, Zedge and Stuff(if there is anyone here from Stuff, please fix the app so it grabs the weather)

Anyway, I was wondering what other apps, Geekzone members use on their phones.

Oh and if you have a Windows phone that can do Cortana, set your region to Australia and your language to NZ, and it works fine.

Hi, somewhat of a shameless plug. My wife found the news apps pretty bad *cough stuff cough* and all those crapola ones that are just web-browsers to mobile sites so I wrote this one for her. Feel free to give it a blast. It's not as featured as the stuff one, but it's got more favourable reviews than the official stuff app.

Not a bad app, but just one small thing, when I go into Stuff for example, I find the scrolling between sections - i.e. tech, business, etc. to be a little laggy and jumpy.

Thanks for trying it out :) It's not as fluid as I'd like through the same-paper section transitions, it can get a bit jerky. Paper to paper or world-region to world-region should be fine though. I've got an idea or two on how to sort that out, just need to find the time to try it.