Pocket PC
tool to calculate and record Growth Percentiles and Body Mess Index





MeasureUP is a easy and handy application designed to help track kids
growth pattern.   Based on statistical data from

 National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this
application calculates kids weight and height percentiles according to
his/her age, weight and height.  The recorded data can be easily
saved and later reviewed. 

Main features:

  • Easy and simple
    to use

  • Easy data entry
    and error handling

  • Sophisticated
    algorithm to calculate growth percentile

  • Growth
    percentiles (weight, height) calculator

  • Body Mess Index
    (BMI) calculator

  • Save calculated

  • Review
    historical data

  • Export to

  • Easy Microsoft
    Excel integration for charting.

  • Online help
    integrated with Microsoft reader.


Compatibility &

compatible with Pocket PC 2003.
Pocket PC 2002, Pocket PC 2000 with
Microsoft Compact Framework library runtime. Download Microsoft Compact



After download, unzip the cab file on your desktop, and run setup.exe. Make sure your Pocket PC is in the cradle.

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