I use to rag on mightyape thinking why would people use them with their prices + shipping costs (still think basic shipping should be free).

However, I've come around and have been purchasing a fair bit of them recently. Buying things like toys and blurays they often do have some great prices compare to other NZ shops. and I love the express shipping for auckland, where you can get something between 6 and 8pm that night (ive used this a few times, love it).

They did price match me for a boardgame from nzgameshop, which really surprised me, since was about half the price they had it listed for.

sure some stuff is too expensive and basic shipping should be included in the price. But if you want something quickly or if they have a sale on, then they're really great. Also I found them easy to deal with, had to call them up a few times.

Most stuff I do still buy from nzgameshop.com just because of the prices and free shipping.