hmm I still have


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Fallen


Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force 


Aquanox (Only the best futuristic sub game but really required a good Joy stick to play)


most of the need for speed series


the only 2 good versions of Unreal Tournament 2K3 and 2K4 


Half Life 1 and 2 episodes 1,2,3 


Decent 1 and 2 (also best played with a joy stick)


I also have a couple of old shareware games: Blake Stone (similar to Wolfenstein 3D erm actually it was complete rip off of it) and Tyrion (an scrolling top down space shooter) 


Doom 1,2,3


Quake 1 and Quake 2 GL and Quake 3 + team arena addon