Thanks Guys I got a email from 2 degrees regarding the problem and they changed my internet TCP port from 443 to 449 which solved the problem. Thanks for all the other help


@2degreesCare I am still having issues with my xbox One port opening.. Is Fritz AVM working on a better fix.. so that it uses IPv6 better for Xbox? Or does the above work?



Hi @Attewell


Please PM us your customer number, name and address and we can see what we can do to fix things. Please also let us know what NAT type the Xbox shows, as per AVM’s page:


If the Xbox displays the NAT type "Open" under "Settings > All Settings > Network > Network settings", then the FRITZ!Box and Xbox are already correctly configured.


If the Xbox displays the NAT type "Strict" or "Moderate", then some of the services or data required by the Xbox are being blocked. This is usually because port sharing was not configured.